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Mrs. & Mr. Davidson
“You did a beautiful job. They were in and done in a few days and the pool deck and porch look great. The side walk pattern is really nice. I would highly recommend you. Great job.”
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Ken Young and John Cutsinger
“Venture exceeded all of our high expectations. Andre and his crew were exceptional from start to finish. We could not have been more pleased with the experience and the finished project.”
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Paver Sealing

The sealer does far more than just bead water and look beautiful"...

The process takes about two day process. The first day, a chemical wash is done followed by pressure cleaning, getting almost anything out. The second day, given that the surface to be sealed is completely dry, a sealer is sprayed on the pavers. One or two coats are applied depending on the need. We suggest vehicles be driven over completed job 24 hours after sealing is done. Pedestrians may walk on sealed surface after just a couple of hours.

Sealers preserve your floor by forming a vapor barrier, and solve damaging problems caused by water, freezing/thawing, acids, caustics, bacteria, salt-erosion, oils, juices, algae, and more. Quality sealers not only protect the top surfaces of brick pavers, but solve the problems of brick pavers from the inside out by thoroughly sealing the brick pavers slab or structure.

Sealer that will protect your Brick Paver Decorative Concrete surfaces from the sun’s UV damaging rays, heavy traffic, oil, and other foreign objects. will enhance the natural appearance of your Brick Pavers with a "wet" look but will not make the Brick Pavers slippery.

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